Steenstra GCM Joins Trans-Atlantic Coast 2 Coast EV consortium


At a signing ceremony on the 31st floor of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, Cor Steenstra, representing Steenstra GCM, and Peter van Deventer, representing the Coast 2 Coast EV alliance, signed an agreement whereby Steenstra GCM joins 32 other companies in the Trans-Atlantic Consortium Coast 2 Coast EV. Attending the ceremony were among others Consul General of the Netherlands Gerbert Kunst and Vice Minister Roald F Lapperre.

The Smart e-Mobility Program promotes knowledge and innovation exchange between the US and Dutch government, universities and industry. The cluster also helps to position private organizations on the respective Smart E-Mobility markets to find new business opportunities. The cluster has signed partnerships with more than 30 Dutch and American companies, knowledge institutes and government agencies. This number is growing steadily since the launch in 2012.

Both the European and the US West-Coasts are pioneering Smart e-mobility. Governments, universities and companies are co-operating to speed up developments. The two regions have lots in common, facing the same challenges and generating the same business opportunities.So why develop the e-wheel twice, both in Europe and the US? That’s where the S4C Smart e-Mobility Program kicks in.

Smart e-Mobility Program

  1. is a public private partnership
  2. designed to promote knowledge and innovation exchange
  3. between US and Dutch government and universities
  4. and to position companies in the respective e-mobility markets

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