Research has shown that there is a vast market for super sports cars in the US. New York State, Florida, Texas and especially California are huge markets. The main competitors are selling around 100 vehicles per month. With the Styletto Steenstra GCM is aiming at a conservative 100 per year.

To promote the brand and the Styletto, Steenstra GCM is aiming an introduction at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concourse d ’Elegance in August 2020. The event is covered worldwide, so maximum exposure in exactly the right market segment is guaranteed. On top of that the aim is to attend teaser Cars & Coffee events throughout the US with early test vehicles and pre-production vehicles in camouflage paint work. This has proven to create and keep interest.

Through his years in the automotive industry Cor Steenstra has built up a vast network of media connections, and to seek publicity through these connections has proven to be quite an easy task. On top of that Cor Steenstra runs his own Car Design TV web site with linked YouTube channel as well as other social media accounts. These can all be effectively used to introduce the concept, update the development and again create and keep the attention.

With the upcoming demise of the conventionally powered super sports cars, interest in what will be coming next is great. The main competitors have already indicated that they are aiming for 2025 as the key target. With Steenstra GCM targeting 2020 the market will still be open for the Styletto and the next upcoming vehicles.