The automotive world is drastically changing and the power source and drive train choices are the essential point in this. Zero emissions can be achieved many ways. Some are more efficient than others and a few are just at their start of development. At this stage to go for battery powered full electric drive is the best option. There is a lot of development still going on, major OEM players are entering the field and the development is moving at a rapid pace. The weight of the batteries and the recycling of used batteries are obviously an issue, but the disadvantages still outweigh the disadvantages from any other option. This may change in the future and Steenstra will be very much on the forefront of the latest developments, be it in hydrogen fuel cell, solar and wind power.

By 2020 electric vehicles can easily bridge the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco at legal speeds, and with the rapid development of wireless charging, the time it will take to refuel will also be within reason. Electricity can easily be produced through solar power and wind energy, thereby doing its part to stay Climate neutral. Initially hydrogen fuel cells will primarily be used for storage of wind and solar energy. Once there is a reasonable infrastructure and the options for safe and efficient packaging are in place, does that become a viable option.